Levi’s Skinny Commuter jeans-NYC Launch party at Affinity Cycles BK

What’s the new skinny on jeans made for cyclists? Levi’s is introducing a new skinny jean, the 511 commuter. (source

Affinity Cycles, makers of their own line of bikes and proud sponsor of racing and bike culture are throwing a launch party for these new jeans line.

From Affinity’s Blog:

Levi’s Commuter Launch Party, NYC Style!
Posted by admin on July 5th, 2011

After several months of design and work, the Levi’s Commuter series (source is launching next Saturday in NYC. The party starts at 7pm at NYC Velo then rolls over here to Affinity at 8pm. The after party is at Lady Jays, one block from the shop.

Affinity is proud to be part of the Levis Commuter series jeans, we’ll have the full line up on display and for sale starting the night of the party. The events kick off at 8pm, I can’t wait to see the new Affinity X Levis crew jacket and the new line up of Levis. How can the 511′s get any better? You’ll have to come out to the launch to see!

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2 comments to Levi’s Skinny Commuter jeans-NYC Launch party at Affinity Cycles BK

  • Wow! Looks good guys! My only concern is: Is it comfortable to cycle in? I’m sure that it is not made from cotton – What is it made from? My experience of cycling in jeans has taught me that it isn’t the optimum fabric for cycling. It doesn’t breath good and it tends to chaff in places.

  • ahren bonnema

    I was super amped for these. Been a fan of Levi’s for a long time. Was pretty disappointed today when I realized they dont make my size 36×34. In fact Levis seems to no longer be making 36×34 in most of the cool jeans. Sucks when your old friend does not want to play with you anymore. Sorry levis you just lost me. lemme know when you feel like making nice jeans for us tall folks.