More bike lanes are coming!!


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DOT Ramming More Bike Lanes Down East Side’s Throat!
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Is there no rest from the jack booted tyranny of bicycle lanes?! Despite earnest objections from right-leaning columnists and litigious NIMBY scolds, the DOT is steamrolling ahead with a plan to extend bike lanes up First and Second Avenues. Although Community Board 6 voted to approve this section of the project [pdf], which runs from 34th Street to 59th Street, bike lane “zealot” Janette Sadik-Khan has flagrantly disregarded the opinion of the local tabloids, and nothing will stop her from ramming her “traffic calming” initiative down the appreciative throats of community leaders, pedestrians, and cyclists.

This is a continuation of a Select Bus and traffic calming project which started last year on First and Second Avenues, which now have dedicated bike paths separated from traffic from Houston Street to 34th Street. The DOT will now extend the protected bike path on First Ave up to 49th Street, at which point they’re shoving in a shared bike lane up to 59th Street. Over on Second Avenue, there will be a shared bike lane from 59th down to 34th. Also coming down the East Side’s throat? “Bus bulbs”; little curb extensions that enable the Select Buses to pick up new passengers without pulling over to the side of the street.

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