Stolen Bike-FBM Sword fixed gear

I’m still maintaining this service of posting stolen bikes, but I’d prefer people start using:

or on twitter: @bikewatchnyc

Meanwhile, I got this email from Mary Beth about her stolen FBM sword.

“My bike was stolen last night (7/7/11) between 10pm and 7:30am on Hall Street between DeKalb and Lafayette-

it is a 51cm FBM Sword, yellow (custom)
it has/had a sparkly red brake housing, a Serfas Furano women’s saddle, Continental tires (Gatorskins, the front one significantly more worn than the rear), a post-mounted rack, non-descript non-deep V rims, cranks with a matte black finish…hmmmm…

The grips and seat are/were different from this picture…it’s the yellow bike :)

Thanks for helping,
Mary Beth Burton

Any information about this bike contact:

20110714-061953.jpg(seen on the left)

Now, if you think this type of theft is only a rumor, guess again…

“The bike was locked with a “good” kryptonite u-lock to a parking sign on Hall St. between DeKalb and Lafayette. The thief dragged a waste bin over and unbolted the placard from the sign and lifted the bike off the post. :(
I’ve locked it there overnight many times- in fact, my boyfriend keeps his bike outside every night, in general…but not attached to a sign. sigh…..

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  • Mike

    Must be a popular neighborhood for bike theft. Mine was stolen at Lafayette and St Felix, next to Bam between 9 and 11 tonight – 7/22/11. Silver Dawes SST Aluminum Fixed. Loved that bike…