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The madness continues…of course it’s New York City after all. Here is the latest reports of stolen bikes to be on the look out for:

Michael Miszczak had his bike stolen 6/23. It was chained up on Java St near the corner of Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

any information, contact:
Corbin Keech had his bike stolen, 6/27.

My bike was stolen Monday night, in front of a friend’s apartment on West 75th and Columbus.

It is a black Trek 1200, with faded pink detailing. The frame is 59cm. The pedals were bought new, and were Clipless Shimano Spd’s. The rear Derailleur was a used replacement – an older Shimano XT. It is missing its front wheel, because the thief left it at the scene. On the front handlebars was an attachment base for a front light, and attached to the seatpost was another attachment base for a rear light. The gear shifters on the drop bar were recently repaired, and a white zip-tie is holding the mechanism in place.

Any information:
(816) 914-6904

Corbin made the tragic mistake of locking the front wheel only with a U-lock, forgetting to lock the frame. He woke up to a lonely wheel remaining.

On the brighter side, there is a new service out there to keep track of stolen bikes here in NYC. A few of the staffers at the bike shop, Bicycle Habitat, have revived there neighborhood watch site:

Learn more about how this works at their blog

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  • illdizzl

    how the hell do you ONLY lock up the front, QUICK RELEASE wheel? IN NEW YORK???
    im not trying to be mean, but that was a seriously stupid mistake that hopefully everyone reading this can learn from. of course, if a thief REALLY wants your bike, they can cut/break a myriad of locks. but just locking up a front wheel with a quick release dosn’t take ANY tools to steal. anywho, lesson learned hopefully.