Pedalpushers Club and Levi’s new tour

Recently Levi’s jeans released a new line for the urban bike commuter including a water resistant pair of skinny jeans with it’s own built in u-lock holder, the 511 commuter. (source:

20110817-112259.jpg(photo by:

Last week Levi’s teamed up with Urban Outfitters to launch a city-wide tour to show off the line along with bike repair and musical guests.

My friends over at the Pedalpusher Club, who are t-shirt designers and printers (who made my bikeblog tshirts) have come up with a line of shirts for the tour.


They’ve created six unique designs for the tours biggest stops: Portland, NYC, Philly, LA, Austin, and SF as well as they’re “Ride More Drive Less” design available at every stop featured at participating Urban Outfitter shops. Nice to see this small company get some much deserves exposure with the big boys.

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