Spare parts on

Here is an excellent place for resource information about biking in NYC.

As many of you know, last year I co-authored a travel guide about urban biking called: BIKE NYC. There wasn’t enough room in the published print version for everything we wanted to include so we put a couple of additional chapters on the website for the book:

One of those chapters is called, Spare Parts and its over 90 pages of valuable resource information, such as:

–Listing of all the bridges
–Tips on locking a bike
–Listing of all the bike shops who rent bikes and other rental outfits.
–Cheap eats (a five borough guide to great food spots with meals under $10.00)
–A listing of all the bike shops in NYC (with spotlights on some of the unique ones)
–Listing of all the events and groups.

You can read the chapters like a book on a desktop as well as your smartphone. So if you happen to be riding around the city and need a quick repair in Jamaica Queens, you may find some helpful ideas in this resource guide.

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