Specialized preview from Nona at the Bird Wheel.

Last week I was invited to a sneak peak of the new line-up from Specialized. I was unable to attend but my good friend and blogger Nona Varnado from the Bird Wheel, went in my absence and posted this amazing report about what she saw coming out in both bikes and accessories.

Nona wrote:

Here’s what I’m excited about: the Ladies Jett mountain bike (I know totally out of character – but it’s awesome!), the mid-level Men’s Sirrus (I have lots of male friends who ask me about what bike is going to be the best for them) and some of the accessories – such as the WireTap full finger riding gloves (for men & women) that let you use a touch screen without taking the glove off. I haven’t tried it – but it sure looks like early Winter/Spring riding just got 35% more comfortable right there. The ladies matching accessories look like they’re headed to a good place. For now it’s really the cute mini pumps and triangle waterproof mini-bags that I think are quite something.”

Looks like Specialized is really keeping up with the upward trends of Urban cycling with sleek designs, just right for commuters. Speaking of-
She also did a preview of the urban cycling line Globe.

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Also, we couldn’t help ourselves…right next door was the preview of the ASICS Onitsuka Tiger shoes, (Men’s Collection shown here) one of my personal favorites for riding toe clips…especially the green ones.

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  • This got real cute at the end with the sneakers. I really like the high-tops with the actual tiger logo looking ferocious on the ankle.