The latest on PPW bike lane

The latest from the battle of a 0.9 stretch of roadway in Brooklyn, the Prospect Park West bike lane. High power lawyer Jim Walden is representing a couple of groups of angry neighbors who just happen to include former D.O.T. commissioner, Iris Weinshall, who lives on Prospect Park West and is somehow outraged their is infrastructure for bicycles in her front yard. Recently a Brooklyn judge threw out their court case and has sent the angry neighbors searching for new tactics. Their latest move has been to write a scathing demands letter to the D.O.T. with threats of another lawsuit.

More from the Brooklyn Paper:

Lane pains! Foes of Prospect Park West cycle path threaten new suit
By Natalie O’Neill
August 17th, 2011

Opponents of the Prospect Park West bike lane — whose case against the world’s most controversial cycle path was thrown out last week — are now demanding that the city remove the bike route entirely or face another lawsuit.

On Friday, lane foes issued the ultimatum to Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan because Supreme Court Judge Bert Bunyan’s ruling required the group to “exhaust administrative remedies” before it may file a new lawsuit against the city.

To Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes — the group that has been fighting the lane ever since its installation last year — that means that the city must remove the cycle path entirely or else a second suit will be filed.

A new case can only go ahead if lane foes can prove that the city never intended the bike lane to be a permanent alteration because suits against such permenant changes must be filed within four months.

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