Two Coney Island Rides Friday (8/19)

Quick clarification:

There are two Coney Island/Fireworks rides on Friday.

One hosted by the 5 Borough Bike Club and the other Time’s Up.

Go figure.

First the 5bbc ride:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Ride
6:45 PM sharp, Union Square North (17th St & Park Ave South), or 7:30 PM, Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge (South 5th Pl & South 5th St), or 8:00 PM, 11th St & Prospect Park West, Brooklyn. 15 miles, easy pace.

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And Time’s Up

Coney Island Cyclone Ride Fri, Aug 19th, 7:00 pm, Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge (SW corner of Chambers and Centre St/Park Row) OR 7:25 in Brooklyn at the Carroll St Drawbridge (btw Nevins and Bond) OR 7:50 at the 69th St Pier in Brooklyn at the Shore Pkwy bike path entrance (take 68th St)

More info:

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