Urban Design Week (UDW) coming September 15-20th

Urban Design week is a public festival designed to engage New Yorkers in the future of public space and the challenges faced with the new urban landscape. Earlier this year, to coincide with this upcoming festival, there was an open design contest called By the City/For the City, architects, designers, artists, and urbanists were asked to submit their ideas, looking for new and innovative ways to help achieve the goals of a more livable, better designed city. The project submissions began with the title: “wouldn’t it be great if…” All of the submissions were placed on an interactive map (on the UDW site)

and into an upcoming book: “Atlas of Possibilities for the Future of New York.”

The schedule for the upcoming event has just been posted with lectures, film screenings, public space events like: (park)ing day (Friday, September 16th) and the New York Century bike tour (Sunday, September 18th)

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