Village Voice article about cyclists hit and run.

Back in November, 2010, Michelle Matson and her boyfriend James were seriously injured by a speeding car. After a rather useless investigation by the local police, with a “you should be thankful your alive,” attitude, the couple had to resort to there own information gathering including a flyer campaign, looking for witnesses.

In this weeks village voice reporter Camille Dodero retells the story and the lack of effort by the cops even though there was a lot of evidence to work with.

Hell on Wheels: Anatomy of a Greenpoint bike accident
By Camille Dodero Wednesday, Aug 17 2011
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On October 23, James Paz remembers something inhuman slamming into his bike, the terrifying sensation of his body hurtling through the air, and the instinct of trying to land with-out smashing his face on the Brooklyn asphalt. He remembers struggling to his feet and looking back for his girlfriend, Michelle Matson, who’d been pedaling behind him down Franklin Avenue on her beat-up cruiser. And he remembers that she wasn’t there.

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  • Rob

    No-fault crashes have to become a thing of the past. We need people held responsible for these crashes. The police need to take them seriously. Where is the DA or Investigator General investigating the police?