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There’s been some good bike coverage in the New York Times.

On Saturday, Op-Ed Columnist Frank Bruni wrote about his recent ride with D.O.T. commissioner, Janette Sadik-Kahn. They talked about her critics, vision and inevitable legacy.

Bicycle Visionary
by: Frank Bruni
published: September 10, 2011

20110915-055152.jpg(graphic by: Christopher Brand)

Something lovely and all too rare happened to Janette Sadik-Khan, New York City’s frequently demonized transportation commissioner, as she and I rode our bikes down Park Avenue South one morning last month: Sadik-Khan got unsolicited, unfettered praise.

It came from a young cyclist who happened to pull up beside us, glanced over at her and suddenly beamed.

“Oh, it’s you!” he stammered, then mentioned that he owned a bicycle shop and had recently placed a newspaper ad publicly thanking her for her cycling advocacy. “You’re going to leave a legacy, you know.”

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Then on Sunday, an expose on the rise of female bike mechanics in NYC local shops, including superstar K.T. Higgins (Bushwick Bikes) voted best mechanic 2010.

From the SPOKES column:

Women With Wrenches
by: Jed Lipinski
published: September 11th, 2011

20110915-055813.jpg(photo by: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times Repair Artist: K. T. Higgins, founder of the Bushwick Bike Shop in Brooklyn, with her daughter, Kacey Canales.)

On most days, Katlyn Hershman can be found smeared with grease, plying her skills as a mechanic at Bike Works NYC, a shop on the Lower East Side. When she answers the store phone, though, all that toil and expertise can suddenly seem invisible.

“Guys automatically ask for the mechanic,” she said. “But I don’t really take it personally.”

Ms. Hershman, 25, has a loyal clientele of cyclists, both men and women. And she has the satisfaction of being one of a small but growing number of New York women making their mark in a trade that was a men-only preserve not so long ago.

Read the entire article: here.

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