Heelz on Wheelz at the Guggenhiem Lab on Commuting

Thursday, September 29th 6pm-8pm will be a panel discussion on commuting at the Guggenheim Lab. The lab is a traveling discussion series focusing on contemporary urban issues. (find out more here.)

Description of upcoming series, “Your Brain on Commuting.” (Info page on event.)

Whether you travel by foot, train, bus, or car, the way you move has a stunning impact on the way you think and behave. Join our panel as they share fascinating insights into the psychology of commuting. Learn new ways to maximize happiness on your way to work. With Traffic author Tom Vanderbilt, transit psychologist Carlosfelipe Pardo, and Alejandro de Castro Mazarro from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation.

BMW Lab is located: From August 3 to October 16, 2011, the BMW Guggenheim Lab is located at:

First Park | Houston at 2nd Ave

The bicycling dance troop, Heelzonwheelz want to be there too, to visualize another way we get around…ahem (cycling)

From the ladies:

This THURSDAY the bike dance ladies of HEELZ ON WHEELZ are getting SERIOUS!

WE’RE TAKING OVER THE BLOCK for four minutes (1st street between 1st and 2nd aves)

at the GUGGENHEIM LABS , following a panel discussion Your Brain on Commuting (6-8pm)


come to the lecture (6pm), come after the lecture (7:45PM) – HELP US BLOCK THE STREET!

let us know if you can make it – we may want you to pick up some cones on the way.
forward to bike friendly folks!

a little sneak peak video of the heelz in action:

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