Hottest for Fashion week?-Bicycles, duh.

Today starts fashion week in NYC, runways, paparazzi, those giant white tents that morph Bryant Park into a swarming madhouse of designers, photographers and models-all displaying the latest looks for fall.
Bikes are getting into the act and this time in a positive way, unlike Donna Karen’s orange fiasco a few years ago.

This year there’s some token bike sharing going on with some fashion designed bikes being shown off and available near fashion weeks epicenter.

From Transportation Nation:
Break a Heel? Grab a Bike! Designers Prototype Bike Share for NY’s Fashion Week
By Kate Hinds | September 7, 2011 – 2:51 pm


Fashion Week, New York City: One week, dozens of designers, scores of events — and now, for the first time, 30 designer bicycles. And — unlike the clothing on the runways — the bicycles are free to borrow as part of a week-long fashion-inspired bike share program. (More info on how to borrow the bikes is at the end of this story; more pictures can be found here)

Read the whole article here.

Meanwhile, Nona Varnado has the real pulse of bike fashion with her blog and gives us:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cycling & Fashion

If anything 2011 is the year that fashion definitely got excited about riding bikes around the city. But there’s already a collection of indie design labels dedicated to producing hip and sophisticated urban cycling fashion designed to be comfortable while riding while many of the new additions use advanced technical materials to stay dry or dry quickly, stand up to the rigours of dedicated riding while looking super chic at work or just being your gorgeous self. With so many major design players, athletic labels and a new generation of apparel companies thriving on the growth in cycling -it’s also great to see that many of the smaller labels are also focused on domestic production (swrve, Nona Varnado, Outlier).

(photo of: Stella McCartney SS1o Cycling for Adidas)

Read more: here.

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