new one from Monkey Lectric

I was super psyched to be contacted by the fine folks at Monkey Lectric. They hooked me up about 5 years ago with their led light and it was such an attention grabber. Now they’ve got a new and improved model, the mini monkey light, inspired with some 8-bit illumination.

Here is a little about the new product:

The Mini Monkey Light is a rugged, practical, high performance bike light that keeps you visible in all weather conditions. The Mini Monkey straps to your spokes and displays brilliant 8-bit graphics on your spinning bike wheel. The bright and colorful display is visible from all angles, and it makes riding in the evening even more fun than the daytime.

We believe that more people will consider biking for transportation if they are more confident and have more fun when they ride at night. We also believe that a practical and affordable product is critical to reaching a mass audience.

Today we have completed and tested samples of the Mini Monkey Light. The product is ready for full production. We need your help so we can invest in the equipment and parts needed to mass produce. If we reach our funding goal we hope to ship the product within 3 months.

Their Kickstarter fund raiser page.

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  • Tortri

    Funded, can’t wait to get one. Too bad I’m not able to program it myself a custom design, I’d totally have a super mario jumping a turtle! 😀