Occupying wall street with bike support.

Seems like the new tactic of global protest, exasperated by the perils of the planet becoming unlivable due to the climate and economic crisis, is to occupy physical space. We saw this demonstrated in the plazas out side of Greece’s parliament against newly established austerity measures.

Tahrir square in Cairo was a crucial space during the Arab Spring revolution in Egypt. Israel’s “Camp out” rent protests in Israel have been an decisive focal point for economic reform. Last month over 1,000 people were arrested outside of the White House in a two week encampment to draw attention to the Tar Sands pipeline being proposed, which would increase carbon pollution to alarming levels.

People across the planet have become increasingly frustrated, angry with living wages continuing to go down, while banks are increasingly bailed out and the richest 1% continue to make record profits. One of the main tactics to fighting this growing economic crisis it to gather in public places and refuse to leave until real sustainable change is implemented or current leadership is removed.

The latest development is a massive protest in New York’s financial district being called: #occupywallstreet.

The original call was spearheaded by the culture jamming magazine out of Tornoto called, adbusters, known for their satirical slant on corporate dominance and creative campaigns to decrease inflated consumer habits.

The loose idea was to call for major protests on Wall Street and to retain an occupying force of non-violent civil disobedience for an indefinite time period, in the spirit of Tunisia, Lybia, Israel, Yemin, and Syria.

The main focus has been a park formally known as Zuccotti Park, now renamed Liberty Park.

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I relieved a communique from Mellow Yellow, who has been volunteering bike support to the demonstration:

A number of NYC and Brooklyn Critical Mass cyclists, along with volunteers from Time’s Up and other #BikeNYC community members have been supporting the ongoing Occupation of Wall Street which began Saturday. There is currently an encampment at Broadway and Liberty Street, just a stone’s throw from the police-barricaded financial center. New York City cyclists have been providing support in a diversity of ways under the banner of “Bike Bloc”.

We have been patrolling and scouting to keep the newly re-named “Liberty Square” occupiers safe from the ever-present and increasingly violent NYPD, especially during vulnerable early morning hours. We have provided transportation for essential supplies, including bedding and tarps. Bike Bloc participants typically join the spirited marches and vigils that have approached Wall Street, by occupying the road space as we are legally required to do. Cyclists are mobile and able to get views of the action otherwise unavailable to the sidewalk-restricted marchers. Time’s Up has joined the media-making efforts to circumvent the attempted blackout of this event.

The situation as of this morning has become more desperate as the NYPD begins a concerted effort to evict us. Anyone with a bike or not who is available to go to the Broadway and Liberty should do so ASAP. If you are specifically interested in the bike-bloc, follow hashtags #occupywallstreet #bikebloc and @critmasspanic for updates or call 408-506-4948.

Thank you, I hope to see you in the streets! Our Streets!

Occupy Wall Street!
Mellow Yellow

Day 4 arrests.

You can also see a live stream broadcasting from downtown: search for, globalrevolution.

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