Squid’s looking for part time food delivery messengers

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Squid is looking for food delivery messengers:
*Calling all pro food delivery crew NYC
*NOT Open to Cyclehawk Messengers

I am working on a Food Delivery Promotion and have to hire 20 Bike Messengers. It’s part time work and pays well. I need to find 20 people to fill these 13 dates:
Monday Sept. 26: 11am-2pm (80 deliveries)
Tuesday Sept. 27: 11am-10pm (999 deliveries)
Wednesday Sept. 28: 3pm-10pm (300 deliveries)BK
Thursday Sept. 29: 7am-2pm (300 deliveries)
Tuesday October 4: 3pm-11pm (750 deliveries)
Wednesday Oct. 5: 12pm-10pm (250 deliveries)BK
Thursday October 6th: 12pm-10pm (250 deliveries)
Tuesday Oct. 11: 12pm-10pm (250 deliveries)
Wednesday October 12: 11am-7pm (250 deliveries)BK
Thursday October 13: 12pm-10pm (250 deliveries)
Tuesday October 18th: 11am-4pm (40 deliveries
Wednesday October 19: 1pm-7pm (150 deliveries)
Thursday Oct. 27: 12pm-10pm (999 deliveries)

All shifts are in Manhattan unless noted (BK= Brooklyn)

Email me for more info: You will need an Social Security and Proof of Address. Flyer will be posted here soon, Thanks!

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