Stolen: Beloved Mossberg

Got this message from John Tremblay.

M Green,

Please keep an eye out for my green Mossberg with front (black) rack, it has a plastic container/bucket on the front rack (maybe its still there) and rusty rear fender. Or maybe I should say it HAD a rusty rear fender? In any case it is a one speed with a coaster brake. Kind of a nothing-bike but really great in a super-amazing unpretentious-generic way that most bikes are not these days. Everyone likes this bike because it is not a fancy bike, odd but true. It is a kind of 1970’s “department store wonder”. These Mossbergs were made in upstate New York, possibly in a prison (which is where you belong if you stole my bike, btw)

Bike was securely locked behind a security gate on N12th and Kent, in a parking lot behind a building at around Noon on Friday the 9th of September.
In 23 years in NYC I have never “lost” a bike. I loaned this to a friend from out of town, she had it for a few weeks she is not careless nor clueless. This was a crafty thief who got through a Kryptonite U-lock, an old one, the kind that they don’t make anymore because maybe they are not that secure? There is no photo of the bike, unfortunately. Owned it for 8 years.

We are actively looking for this bike. Please keep an eye out for it. Things have been rough lately!

Karmic retribution?

Thank You

John T

Any information about this bike, contact John directly:

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  • Meisha Hunter

    I am sorry to hear about your Mossberg.
    My trek bike was just stolen today – I’d had it for 10 years, an amazing bike, well maintained (new gears, tires), working head and tail lamps, bottle holder, which had been secured with a Kryptonite lock in front of the Reebok Club entrance (67th Street & Columbus). I am still recovering from the shock that it was stolen – can only assume the desperate person who took it needed it more than me,
    the lady that went home on the bus holding her bike helmet…