A look at the success of bike sharing

Is a bike sharing program successful for reducing pollution, increasing efficiency of transport or revenue generating for a city? New York Times reporter, David Jolly, while researching Paris’s bike sharing, Velib program says it depends who you ask. One success may not show up on the balance sheet, but is more of a long term goal, preparing people mentally for much needed ecco-friendly transport and accepting the bicycle.

From the NY Times Green Blog:
Are Bike Rentals a Success? Depends Who You Ask
by: David Jolly
published: October 10th, 2011
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20111011-101417.jpg(photo by Ed Alcock)

As I reported last week, Paris has begun rolling out new electric vehicles in a car-sharing program called Autolib.
The city says the goal is to reduce car ownership, traffic and tailpipe emissions, improving residents quality of life. Bollor, the company funding the project, wants to showcase its electric vehicles and its lithium-metal-polymer battery technology.

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