Bike sharing sneak peak-Demo on Atlantic.

Headed down to the 37th annual Atlantic Antic street festival with the family.
(that’s my boy Max on the right)
Besides the usual fried food and bouncy castles, there was some nice buzz for bikes. The D.O.T. was on hand not only handing out free helmets but also sizing them for people.

Big line of people wanting bike helmets…almost as many as those wanting the pulled pork sandwiches from building on bond, coffee house.

Then there we discovered a demo for NYC’s new bike sharing program which was getting a lot of attention.

The D.O.T. has chosen Alta bicycle share, : who will be bringing 10,000 bikes in 600 stations throughout NYC, by the summer of 2012. Alta’s Jocelyn was on hand answering questions and the whole operation seems fairly well thought out and user friendly. The bikes are sturdy with proprietary parts to minimize theft. All bikes are secured in each docking bay with a titanium pin, which seems rather impenetrable. Of course all my questions, weren’t about vandalism.

Jocelyn went onto explain that the bikes are intended for station to station use, not long recreation rides. Members can pay a yearly fee which is less than $100.00 and sizable less then the amount spent on the MTA. Also bikes can be rented on a daily or weekly basis. Each station is a lot like the new muni-parking meters and is easy to operate.

The bikes have been available for demo as seen here by: planetgordon.

I have to admit, I like what I see.

An article on the bike sharing demo from

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