Cyclist killed, family demands investigation

So apparently if you hit and kill a cyclist with your truck, and then abandon it, you won’t be charged with anything. This seems to be the case of the recent tragic death of a 30 year old artist, Mathieu Lefevre who was killed by a flatbed truck in East Williamsburg.

Yesterday his family gathered for a press conference at 1 Police Plaza, demanding an investigation into Mathieu’s death and other cyclists killed.

From Gothamist.

20111027-135138.jpg(photo: From left to right, Mathieu Lefevre’s mother, his brother, father, and sister. By: Kristina Monllos/Gothamist)

The family of Mathieu Lefevre, the 30-year-old artist who was run over by a truck in East Williamsburg earlier this month joined Transportation Alternatives at a press conference today at 1 Police Plaza, calling on NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly to reinvestigate the case of Leferve, as well as other cyclist fatalities. On Monday we learned that no charges would be pressed against the flatbed truck driver who left the scene after killing Lefevre. He parked his truck just two blocks away and, according to the NYPD, “had no idea” that he’d hit someone. Lefevre’s mother Erika says there were markings on the truck from the accident, which is why investigators decided to track down the driver.
Lefevre’s family has been in New York since Thursday and has received little word from the NYPD. Earlier today Erika Lefevre told us that the detective she’s been told to contact has not yet bothered to return her calls. Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, opened the press conference by listing many cases where drivers have clearly broken the law, killing pedestrians and cyclists who were obeying the law, and yet charges were not filed. He went on to explain how, in his opinion, this has become an epidemic:

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