After all–These go to 11.

Getting into the theme of 11/11/11, the Ride to Eleven Alleycat in Pittsburgh.

More info here.

Cranksgiving 2011 coming to NYC

One of New York City’s premiere messenger style alley cat race is coming to NYC November 19th, with a different twist. It’s called Cranksgiving and every year the race participants, instead of just whipping through checkpoints, have to gather food items affiliated with a thanksgiving meal. Then all money and food is donated […]

Urban Velo #28 is out now!

Learn about bike sharing in Mexico and the World Hardcourt Bike Polo championships. Just a few things to discover in the fascinating world of bicycle culture, which comes to life in Urban Velo magazine.

Check it out online, Here.

Guardian rides the Marathon

Not all participants of the New York City Marathon get to experience the race by the heart-pounding action of running all five boroughs. Here’s one Guardian reporters experience as a bicycle escort for the wheelchair riders.

Getting to cycle the New York Marathon by: Matt Seaton published: November 7th, 2011

Amanda […]