Boombotix protable speaker-Rockin sound

Ok, I admit it, I like to play music when I ride my bike, especially on long commutes. Something like this long mix by one of my favorite DJ’s, Diplo:
Diplo – Sirius/XM “Blow Your Head” 11-18-2011 by diplo
Or some freaky stylings of Barney Iller:
Club Popozuda Mixtape #13 (Barney Iller) by Club Popozuda

Many NYC cyclists are opposed to this mainly because riding here is such information overload and who needs more distractions. I always adhere to the rule of having one ear bud headphone in and consider myself an experienced enough rider to handle all the bombastic forces weighing down on me from every angle. Then of course that dude rolls by with some thundering bass sound system that costs more for one amp then my entire bike collection. I know, intimidating and quickly drowns out my Chickcorea.

It’s enough to make me want to throw down with a sound clash, but before I end up like these guys:
(source: NYTimes “Biking to a Different Beat.” by Tyler Hicks.)

There is a very cute product out there for us bikers which I think should be on everyone’s Chanukah lists…

Introducing the portable audio system by

This company was super nice to send me a free one, and in my favorite color no less.

This speaker is the BB1 which is connected with a retractable mini to mini cable that goes from most iphones, ipods and protable mp3 devices or a laptop, right into the back of the unit. The skulls eyes are the speakers and for such a small device (about the size of a clenched fist) this little guy packs a punch, even on the loud streets of Grime town NYC. It has a super strong clip for mounting to a messenger bag strap or hip pouch and isn’t about to fall off. It charges with a mini USB into the unit and a standard USB for a computer port or that white cube iphone charger. It lasts for about an 4 hours (at full volume) on full charge and it indicates the charge with a blue LED in the star on the top of the speaker. It takes an hour to fully charge. The volume is controlled with your music devise of choice, so there are no audio controls on the BB1 itself, and I kind of enjoy the simplicity, just an on/off button.

There is now a BB2 bluetooth wireless version available.

There is a huge variety of colors and styles including my personal favorite…a Carbon Fiber.

Ok, it’s not going to blow anyone away like this guy:

But for a little portable speaker for around ($50.00-the wireless one is more) the boombotix is a very convenient little machine with really clear sound. This is the perfect speaker to ride with and then compliment your laptop sounds or park picnic.

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