Don’t forget, Cranksgiving charity race, 11/19

In your typical messenger style alley cat race, a bunch of strong riders take their bike skills to the next level and race in open traffic, with the winners gaining some bike prizes and street cred. Coming up this Saturday, the winners are not only the bikers but the hundreds of local residents who get food and money donated fro this year’s Cranksgiving charity race. The race participants not only donate money for entering but the checkpoints are all food stops which all gets donated to local food pantries.

Last year, the super fast Crihs Thormann (his photography tumblr site: I love NY more than you.) took the winner prize and here is a little helmet cam video of the event, showing how Crihs got the job done.

Cranksgiving 2010 nyc from crihs on Vimeo.

Come on down to Cranksgiving 2011, Saturday November 19th. It’s a great event and awesome way to help feed the hungry this Thanksgiving.

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