Matching fund challenge for Transportation Alternatives

It’s been a challenging year for the New York City cycling community, fighting the crackdown of “operation safe cycle,” and defending needed infrastructure such as the Prospect Park West bike lane. Advocacy group Transportation Alternatives has been an instrumental player in these issues. As the year draws to an end, they are looking for donations and have a matching funds challenge. Here is a message from Executive Director Paul Steely White.


Ian and Joanna Smith, with sons Jasper & Wyatt, photographed on
the Prospect Park West protected bicycle lane, established 2010.
Image courtesy Andrew Hinderaker

Dear Transportation Alternative members:

This year, you and I have challenged the enforcement policies of the NYPD. We have brought bicycle lanes to all five boroughs, despite challenges in the courts and out. Challenges like these are T.A.’s bread and butter. To make our city great, and with the support of New Yorkers like you, we challenge New York City’s status quo.

Right now, T.A. has a new challenge. A local foundation has promised T.A. $600,000 — funds we need to empower advocates in every borough — but only if we can raise a matching amount. Will you help T.A. meet the challenge ahead? Donate to T.A. today.

When something is wrong on your street, you don’t just complain about it — you take action. You attend a meeting, you write a letter and you speak up to New York City’s most powerful. In every uphill battle, your commitment makes all the difference.

Today, T.A. needs your help for an extra-important action. For the second year in a row, a local foundation has offered T.A. an extraordinary challenge grant. Right now, your donation goes twice as far — that means T.A. will be a powerful advocate in every New York neighborhood. To take advantage of this foundation’s generosity, we need New Yorkers like you to take action. Help T.A. meet this challenge: Make a donation to T.A. today.

When you and I take on a challenge, we are what makes New York City great. Across the five boroughs, T.A. staff and volunteers are redrawing our streets and reimagining the possibility of our city. Your signature, your presence at a rally, your voice at a community meeting, your donation to T.A. — this is how we are changing New York City’s status quo. Give to today and we can make New York great, together.


Paul Steely White
Executive Director

P.S.: T.A.’s $600,000 challenge ends on December 31st. Donate to T.A. today.

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