Press about the 13th annual Cranksgiving

Here is some press about Saturday’s upcoming charity race, Cranksgiving.

Feast on the 13th annual Cranksgiving
by: Adam Nueman-Bicycle Times

The New York Bike Messenger Foundation presents Cranksgiving, a charitable alleycat bicycle ride,open to all and now in its 13th year.

In Cranksgiving, riders navigate around Manhattan to purchase Thanksgiving dinner ingredients at designated grocery stores. At the finish line, they arrive with a bag full of food to be donated to various charities.

The ride will consist of a food drive, where participants will ride to 4 grocery stores & purchase food to be donated to St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen, drop off jars of baby food at two shelters for women and children and raise donations to support City Harvest and the New York Bike Messenger Foundation. Winners will be determined by their times and also by the generosity of their food and money donations.

Cranksgiving is a race, but everyone is welcome to ride and participate in the fun! Bring a bag, some money, and a good lock!

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Take a look at the prize bags:


There is also a podcast interview with Cranksgiving organizer, Ken Stanek on Bicycle Radio-Escape the Peleton.

Posted here. (the interview starts around 25:00)

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  • I am thankful!

    I am born and raised Kodiak, Alaska. It’s an island between the edge of the North Pacific and the Gulf of Alaska. I have spent my whole life on a bike. I love the freedom.

    I visited NYC for two weeks last summer and was changed.

    I decided plan an adventure of a life time. Before I go to college I’m going to see more of America. I’m going to ride from Kodiak to Key West. I’d love to hear from others as I plan this trip. I hope to find a way to make enough money along the way to pay for college. Ambitious? Crazy? Probably, but I am going to find out in a few months just how crazy or difficult it will be.

    Check out my blog.

  • Great bags. I love the way those are decorated. We have an informal Thanksgiving ride out here in the LA area. I am hoping to see some of my fixie friends out. I have not been riding much because of a knee problem, but have been working out with the rip 60. I think it’s kept me in decent shape.