Print sale from Dmitry Gudkov

Here’s a unique holiday gift idea, a portrait of the New York City cycling community taken by photographer Dmitry Gudkov. All this week he’s having a print sale:

In honor of Cyborg Monday or whatever the made-up consumer occasion is, I’m holding a bike portrait print sale. All this week, Monday-Friday, any bike portrait print order is 20% off. Sure, the portraits look nice on the web, but to have a physical print on your wall is another story. Print them big, and they really breathe. So get one or get two for your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, grandma, or just get one for yourself. Or just send this link to your mom. I’ve spent so much time creating these photographs and post-processing them to be as perfect as possible, I don’t want them languishing in web-res. Prices are going up in 2012 so this is the best time to snag one of these beautiful prints.

Head over to the print store and enter the code Rideabike at checkout. Happy Holidays!

Find out more: here.

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