What kind of evil person steals this…

I mean really? I saw this flyer posted in my neighborhood in Park Slope Brooklyn.

I felt moved and contacted the owner via the gmail address.

Amy, wrote back:

I will certainly post on bikewatch. We are heartbroken!

The bike was well secured with a heavy kryptonite-like heavy chain. It was even tarp covered to protect from the rain. Whoever took it had to have at least 4 ft. bolt cutters, but even with that it would have been a hard job. The person took it in the dead of the night, the night before thanksgiving. It seems pretty calculated.

We will take any help we can get. Thank you! I’ll attach a flyer and a few photos. Please feel free to spread the word. If there are other places or people we should contact as well, please let us know. Someone MUST know where it is! It’s a pretty hard bike to hide.

Again, thank you!

All the best,

Here are some photos to make you sad or angry or both…

The Bike,

So if you see someone hauling a bunch of scrap metal down to the Gowanus in this contraption…let us know.

The family, now without what must be the greatest bike commute ever.

I mean really, thief…you stole this kids family bike…I hope you get nothing for Christmas, except a baloney sandwich in Central Booking and processed for grand theft.

I’d like to personally spearhead a collection for Amy and her family to raise funds to replace this bike. Anyone want to help donate…let me know.

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  • Rene

    I am really sorry to hear about your fantastic bike gotten stolen. Recently a very similar one showed up in our neighborhood. It is parked to the right of the Q-Stop here on Cortelyou in front of a liquor store. I didn’t pay much attention to the details but it looked very similar – not the like original Christina bike and more like yours. Also, I had a similar bike stolen once and keep calling the police on a daily basis but they didn’t seem to care much which is really a shame. I wish there would be some sort of tracking program for bikes like this so thieves get discouraged and caught. Best of luck finding you bike again, Rene