NY Times on fustration of a family looking into their sons death

“More people are killed in traffic accidents than by guns in New York City; death by motor vehicle is rarely treated as a crime. Someone died in city traffic every 29 hours, on average, from 2005 to 2009, according to a study by the city’s health and transportation departments.”

These are some stunning facts which emerge from a recent New York Times article by Jym Dwyer that looks at one families frustrations with the NYPD, looking into their son’s death, Mathieu Lefevre, a Canadian artist killed by a truck while biking, back in October.
After a Son Is Killed, Facing a Police Runaround
photo by: Robert Stolarik for The New York Times. Photo caption: A so-called ghost bike stands in memory of Mathieu Lefevre, an artist from Canada who was killed on his bicycle in a crash in October.
By:Jim Dwyer
Published: December 6, 2011

The Lefevre’s mother, father and one of their surviving sons, took the first flight to New York, spent the night with a friend, and the next morning went directly to the city morgue on Winthrop Street in Brooklyn. The second of the Lefevre sons, Mathieu, 30, had been run over by a truck two days earlier, just after midnight on Oct. 19, while he was biking home to Williamsburg. The truck did not stop.

His parents looked at pictures, then the remains, under a sheet. “The detective at the morgue told us to go to the 90th Precinct to do two things,” said Erika Lefevre, Mathieu’s mother. “A detective there would be able to give us an accident report, and we would be able to get our son’s personal effects.”

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