Video Friday-12/23/12

Have a happy holidays and a Happy New Year, here are some videos till the next time, 2012.

Hey, how’s your Albanian? Ecovolis has a bike sharing program in Albania and no part of the bicycle goes wasted…now this is recycling.

Ecovolis Love Recycling from Ecovolis on Vimeo.

Seen on

In Portland Oregon they show solidarity with Occupy Portland, how else…on bikes. Here is the Bike Swarm.

Here’s a cool video from the How it’s Made series, aluminum bike wheels:

Some BMX action:

The Shadow Conspiracy

Speed riding in NYC, Night Bomb.

nightbomb 12.23.11 from nightbomb x on Vimeo.

Downhill mountain bike race in a Japanese Shrine: (

Check out this crazy helmet cam mountain biking: Thanks (@eightrack)

Here are a few from John Prolly

The Halstee Manifestio a spice of life video and way to be about doing what you love…riding bikes of course.

The Holstee Manifesto from Lucaci Eduard on Vimeo.

a video form the Minnesota Cyclocross Championships:

2011 MN Cyclocross Championship from Quality Bicycle Products on Vimeo.

Freestyle Fixed gears, Grime TV

Nice looking track bike love:

ENOL from Hector Torra on Vimeo.


[VAGX] LUMISAC / OBEY THE BLUE LIGHT from David Jongkwon Kim / DKSHOP on Vimeo.

and one from Tracko

Cadence Collection 2012

Cadence Collection: Purpose Perplex from WEREHAUS on Vimeo.

and here in NYC,
a retrospect to 2011, NYC bike scene.

and last but not least, again seen on Urban Cyclist Worldwide…Fake Money, the messenger Rappers extraordinaire–“Cause it’s Christmas in this Bitch.”

It’s Christmas In This Bitch from Fake Money on Vimeo.

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