Video Fridays

Here is some videos found on the webosphere to fill your Friday with bike love.

I was sent this one from a reader: Kiel. Seems like this bike train (bike pooling) is taking off. Here is one about biking to school in a group, Portland Oregon style.

How bout bombing some nice fall folage on a klunker bike? Saw this one on All Hail the Black Market, who got it from the Cascade region blog,

Lars N Bars gets Klunking from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

Here is a video of how the Dutch got their cycle paths, through hard work of cycling activists:

Find out more here.

Trailer for the documentary, Beyond this place.

Cloud Rock La Belle is the quintessential hippie, still living a perpetually stoned and carefree lifestyle 40 years after the 60s ended. In BEYOND THIS PLACE Cloud Rock’s son, writer/director Kaleo La Belle, attempts to re-connect with his absentee father by taking a 500 mile bike trip together around the Pacific Northwest. From behind the camera, Kaleo struggles to understand a man so different from himself while Cloud Rock works to form a functional relationship with the son he has never truly known. Poignant and often funny, BEYOND THIS PLACE examines the sometimes unconventional bonds of family.

Trailer for Bushwhacked new film Velo:

Velo Trailer from BuckNaked Visual Works on Vimeo.

Video I saw on Trackosaurus Rex about the ultimate design challenge in Oregon, for the perfect urban commuter cycle:

Oregon Manifest 2011 Constructors’ Show from oregon manifest on Vimeo.

Video from Urban Velo

The Dirty Dozen Race-a masochistic challenge up a steep ass hill in Pittsburgh.

Dirty Dozen Race 2011-Canton Ave from Matt Dayak on Vimeo.

Some Helmet cam action from NYC’s champ alleycat racer, Crihs. From the Bombing Broadway race, as seen on John Prolly,

broadway bomb 2011 from crihs on Vimeo.

and this one of building the Red Bull mini drome in Manchester (also on Prolly)

Red Bull Minidrome | Manchester from Stephen Hughes on Vimeo.

A look at what it’s like to attend the Koichi Yamaguchi’s frame building school in Rifle, Colorado.

Yamaguchi from Jon Chew on Vimeo.

A little shop in Barcelona barcelonetabikes, puts on a night group ride.

Barceloneta Nights from Barceloneta Bikes on Vimeo.

And last, a nice little helmet cam from the recent Cranksgiving in NYC.

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