Cyclists in NYC, pay tickets and with our lives

While the NYPD have no problem being thorough about ticketing cyclists for minor traffic violations, such as $270.00 for running a red light, they seem unable to but as much time and energy into investigating a cyclists death, caused by a truck driver breaking similar laws.

This became evident recently when the NYPD was outted for lying to a family about their sons death, knowingly omitting evidence the truck driver was at fault. It took a public outcry, protests, a good pro-cyclist lawyer and a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) to finally come clean about the investigation of Mathieu Lefevre killed in October by a truck driver, breaking the law.

Now the Brooklyn DA has opened a review of the case.

Streetsblog has more:

Craig Esswein, chief of the vehicular crimes bureau, told Streetsblog that reviewing deadly traffic crashes is standard procedure. “Any time there’s a fatality the NYPD does their investigation, and we do our own.”

Lefevre’s death at the hands of a hit-and-run truck driver in Williamsburg last October has made headlines, owing to revelations that NYPDwithheld details of the crash from the victim’s family and failed to gather evidence at the scene. Asked about NYPD’s handling of the investigation, Esswein said, “We will be looking into the matter.”

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