Feminist cycling zine and blog

Elly Blue (@ellyblue) is a feminist cyclist and author of the zine, Taking the Lane. bicycling, economics, feminism, and other cultural commentary.

She recently inspired, Zöe Leverant (@iamhelsabot) to start the blog out of Portland, Oregon, dealing with similar subject matter.

Here’s a sample:

Elly Blue is a feminist writer and cyclist based in Portland, OR. I picked up the first issue of her zine Taking The Lane at the SF Zinefest two years ago. It compiles essays, letters and imagery about being a female cyclist and provided some of the inspiration for me to start this blog. You can buy back issues of the zine ($3) or subscribe ($12/year) at the link above. She also has a great take on the cycling gender gap, in which she argues that it’s economics, and not aesthetic issues, that’s really keeping women from being equally represented as cyclists in the US.

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  • velo

    Will look into this. I’ve attended a few Bike New York lectures and while they’ve been very helpful, I sometimes think that the lecturers (including the women) don’t understand the kind of hassle that some women riders may get if they assert themselves on the road.