The saga for justice of a killed cyclist

On going saga of one family trying to get justice, or at least a proper investigation behind the death of their son, Mathieu Lefevre.

From Gothamist:

Family Of Killed Cyclist Mathieu Lefevre Sues NYPD For Withholding Information
Article and Photo by: John Del Signore


On Friday, the NYPD finally released the documents pertaining to the investigation of the death of cyclist Mathieu Lefevre. According to a statement released today by Lefevre’s mother, the files show that the driver of the truck, Leonardo Degianni, made a right turn without signaling, “knocked Mathieu 40 feet, left him for dead, and then dragged his bicycle another 130 feet before depositing it and driving off.” Incredibly, there are no photos of the scene of the incident in the NYPD’s file because “the investigators’ camera was broken.” However, the file does contain “numerous” photos of the Lefevre family and their attorney, prompting Erika Lefevre to write, “Apparently, NYPD cares more about investigating our family’s efforts to get information from it, than about properly investigating Mathieu’s death.”

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