Video Monday-I missed Video Friday

Sorry, here are a few videos to prolong your Monday.

This video has been passed around like wildfire, so I assume most people know about it.

Last year Red Peak created an experimental calender for Hudson Urban Bicycles. In their words:

January 1st 2011 we took a fully loaded bike, bells, basket, lights and chained it to a post on a busy Soho NYC street. Everyday for the next year we took a photo of it and watched it slowly disappear before our eyes. Then, we assembled it into a calendar where every page is the image of one day, perforated at the top for easy ripping. We call this experiment Life-Cycle – a fascinating glimpse of elegant decay.

(Still looks like the bike lasted over 200 days without an issue.)

From MASH, Cas in SF. Seen on urban cyclist worldwide.


a triple camera wide shot on a velodrome in Amsterdam:

Velodrome-Triple-GoProWide from Kees Fopma on Vimeo.

Bike Polo in London:

London International Invitational 2012 from Jon Marshall on Vimeo.

Profile of a bike messenger in Chicago, Chris Jett:

Freestyle fixed gear, kicking off 2012:

Beginning of 2012 from Samo on Vimeo.

Cam White’s Dirt Jam

Auckland Bike Messenger:

PDL New York Chill Ride to Staten Island 1.8.12 from generate on Vimeo.

sooo true…

a little humor and promotion for

Starting them early:

Jonah Kessel quickie. from Michael Chacon on Vimeo.

From Purefix Cycles.

Pure Fix Cycles – A Day in LA part II from Pure Fix Cycles on Vimeo.

Check out this cool new bike rack and kickstarter campaign for The Bike Valet.

For some NYC BMX love,
Post Bike’s Edwin De La Rosa,

For your next occupation, Time’s Up shows you how to make a energy bike generator:

And Kym Perfetto, spin guru and Time’s Up volunteer, shows you how to create some energy,

A Paris leftover from 2011 as seen on John Prolly

2011 Leftover edit from SoundTrack on Vimeo.

Check out this piece of infrastructure, a bike bridge in Bogota Columbia,

Demon Works frames in Bristol,

Demon Frameworks – Bespoked Bristol 2012 from Bespoked on Vimeo.

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