NBBL appeal judge on PPW bike lane

With 60 degree winters and scientifically proven man made climate change, one possible epitaph for the human race could read:

“We tried to become more environmentally conscious. Take things like putting in more bike lanes so more people who feel safe to ride their bikes and thus reduce CO2 emissions. But alas, that just wasn’t convenient for a few rich neighbors…so oh well.”

Too negative?

Well if you thought making significant changes to make NYC more environmentally friendly would come easy, meet this crew.


Looks like the fight for the Prospect Park West bike lane hasn’t completely come to a halt. These people want to appeal the judges decision and weld their power and influence over very helpful infrastructure for making NYC healthier, safer and cleaner.

Here is a recent article from Streetsblog about the appeal, by Ben Fried.

Like a reanimated corpse, the PPW bike lane lawsuit is stumbling on a little while longer, as NBBL appeals Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Bert Bunyan’s dismissal of the case. The surreal part of the spectacle this time around is that bike lane opponents are basically repeating what they said last year, even though their own correspondence has since revealed that they knew claims in the lawsuit had no merit. Who needs merit when you just want to fire some heavy artillery in the political attack against DOT commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan?

Read the whole story here.

And another article in the Brooklyn Paper.

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