Another family bike nabbing

Greg Stare and his wife are the owners of the baby boutique in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Caibou baby. They’re the latest victims of a family bike theft which happened 2/18 in Brooklyn. This has been at least the third report of a bike used for transporting children, thats been stolen in the past three months. I hope this is not the start of some new trend. Perhaps the bike thieves have all grown up and are stealing bikes to get their thieve kids around to preK. It’s probably more a reflection that these bikes are targeted because their are mostly left outside because of their size.

Here is a description of the bike from Greg:


“Our family bike was stolen directly across from the Greenpoint police precinct (94) on the corner of Meserole Ave and Lorimer St. The bike is army green and the rear racks are painted black. The Surly decals were removed except for a few letters on the fork. The black child seat was attached.”


I always ask the victim to describe some information about how their bike was stolen to better learn from this negative experience.

“Our bike was lifted up over a pole. We shouldn’t have locked it to that pole, but we thought being across from a cop station would be a deterrent. Also, given the difficulty in lifting the bike, we thought it would be unlikely someone could even pull it off. One day we got home just after dark and noticed our bike was gone. In it’s place was a nyc trash can. So not only did the thieve(s) lift our bike in front of the cop station, they grabbed the city trash can and moved it over to the sign post.

Just the other day I saw a guy from B’s Bikes in Greenpoint with a cargo bucket-style bike that was recently recovered. In that case the thief cut the frame and re-welded a piece back over the notched out portion. Never saw that one…yikes! Does that mean I have to lock my frame in two places? I imagine a multi-pronged approach is what’s needed.”

If you have any information about this bike, contact Greg: or call (917) 698-8175

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