Boombotix speaker winner making noise

Big congratulations to Kim Burgas, (@kimburgas) for winning my BoomBotix speaker twitter contest.

After realizing I may have made this a bit too complicated, I simply asked my followers how they would best use this handy portable sound system. This was Kim’s winning response:


Kim and her crew have put together group commutes in the spirit of car pooling to work, from the Upper West Side and Brooklyn.

Follow along on twitter at #nycbiketrain (a website is in the works)

My contest came just in time for an awesome bike mounted speaker review form Nona over at:

Bicycle Mounted Speakers

The problem with bicycling isn’t a lack of infrastructure, kind and responsible drivers and pedestrians… It’s that there’s not enough music cranked to 10 when riding to work or where ever. And sadly you’re probably not serious enough to do it in the traditional style:


If you can’t cruise through Brooklyn blaring “My Way” or “Born to Run” Through NJ, the Beach Boys in California or whatever it is that seems like a good time, you might be in danger of NOT having a good time. Terrifying.

But lucky for you, it turns out there are a lot of ipod based cheap & fast options out there.

Learn about a ton of options, including the Boombotix line, Here.

Speaking of Boombotix, they just released a handlebar mounted option. Find out more on this from Urban Velo.

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