Famous bikers arrested #F29

Two outstanding members of our bike community were arrested today in a massive protest against corporate America being titled #F29.

I saw this on twitter:

and this from Alison Kilkenny of Citizen Radio20120229-140734.jpg

Joe Sharkey (@critmasspanic) of NYC World Naked Bike Ride and Time’s Up volunteer Monica Hunken were nabbed outside of the Phizer headquarters on 43rd and 3rd.

I salute your tired vigilance for fighting for local issues such as free assembly and the big scale battles of corporate greed of the OWS movement.

Today’s action is reported here. in the New York Times cityroom blog.

The main focus of #F29 is in solidarity with Occupy Portland who has turned its attention on ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council) a non profit group made up of some of the largest profit making corporations.

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Here is a short video:

20120229-135841.jpg(photo caption: Protesters outside Pfizer’s headquarters on Wednesday morning. Photo by: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Just got word that Joe is out with charges of disorderly conduct and riding on the sidewalk…which somehow justifies his bike being impounded. Monica is still being held.

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