Follow up on Prospect Park traffic loop meeting

Brooklynites question why not a flat out ban of cars rather than a reduced lane at last nights meeting about proposed changes to the Prospect Park traffic loop.

More from the NY Daily News:

We want a total ban on cars from Prospect Park, Brooklynites tell city.
Meeting considers redesign of traffic lanes.

By: Simone Weischselbaum
Published: February 28, 2012

20120229-094409.jpg(photo caption: Prospect Park Administrator Emily Lloyd at a meeting on the proposed redesign of park traffic lanes.Photo by: Anthony Lanzilote)

The city’s new plan to cut Prospect Park traffic doesn’t go far enough, lovers of the Brooklyn oasis complained Tuesday night — they want cars banned altogether.
At a public meeting, Prospect Park Administrator Emily Lloyd showed the crowd of about 150 pictures of a redesign set to come to the park in the spring. Rush hour traffic, now assigned to two lanes, will go down to one, creating extra space for cyclists and pedestrians.
But Brooklyn residents questioned why officials won’t ban motorists rather than cram cars into a 10-foot slice of pavement during the morning and evening commutes, the only time vehicles are allowed inside the park.

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