More about Prospect Park loop changes

Here is another article about proposed changes to the Prospect Park traffic loop.

New York Daily News:
Bike, walk or run in Prospect Park? Big changes coming down the road.
Cars to be reduced to one lane

By: Simone Weichselbaum
Published: February 27, 2012


(photo caption: Pack of fast bike riders in Prospect Park where big changes to Park Drive are in the works. Photo by: Debbie Egan-Chin)

A revamp of how people bike, run, and drive around Brooklyn’s famed patch of green is set to reduce cars to one lane; give bikers and walkers more space; and have cops ticketing rule breakers.

The Prospect Park Road Sharing Task force – a mix of city officials cyclists, runners and dog walkers – is slated to present the proposals Tuesday night after an uptick in accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians.

“We want to make these changes to increase pedestrian safety,” said Prospect Park administrator Emily Lloyd. “There’s too much friction on (Park Drive) which has gotten busier in the last few years.”

In the task force’s proposal obtained by the Daily News, drivers – who currently are only allowed in the park during rush hour using two lanes – would be crammed into one ten-foot wide slice of Park Drive, a 3.35 mile loop.

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Special note:
@Brooklynspoke, told me about joining the Car free prospect park Facebook page, for some social networking on this vital issue.

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