NYPD grilled about investigation of Cyclist Death

This Wednesday (2/16/12) morning was a meeting of the City Council Transportation Committee: NYPD Accident Response & Enforcement.” The hearing was lead by ongoing investigation of slain cyclist Mathieu Lefevre.

Time’s Uplead a bike ride to the event and was on hand for the proceedings.

Times up volunteer Barbara Ross filed this report:

“Thanks Joe and Keegan for rolling out of bed early morning so we can start the ride at the crash site, Laurie for putting the call out and Ben & Keegan for writing up the testimony and release with lightning speed.

The hearing was amazing. The NYPD’s lack of knowledge when answering such basic questions from the City Council members was revealing. The packed audience were stunned and evidence of corruption was out there in the open for all to see. The stories of the ordeal the family members of the victims had to endure working with the NYPD while dealing with a death of a loved one caused everyone in the room to get very emotional.

Time’s Up! was represented at the hearing with over 7 of us and they allowed me to tape most of the testimony of the NYPD and victim’s family. We really really need editors. Peter and I got so much great footage but we just don’t have time to put it out there. Keep you ears open for editors. I put the footage on-line of Erika Lefevre’s full testimony, mother of Mathieu Lefevre, the cyclist killed by a motor vehicle last year. She flew in from Montreal to expose the horrendous job NYPD did on the investigation of her son’s death.

Brooklyn Paper article. story.

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