Tonky Designs reflective stickers

Sad to say but I’m finally getting around to some shout outs to some really great products that were sent to me around the holidays.

One of those were these great reflective decal packs from Tonky Designs.


Being seen at night is a must and these sticker packs are super handy and can stick to just about anything you want to reflect.

Each pack is loaded with 51 decals with a very reflective surface and come in 7 colors.

Since my winter bike, a Raleigh r700 was a bit inundated with stickers I was a little more sparing.

However, I went pretty nuts on my Ortlieb messenger bag.


Now both my bag and bike will get drivers attentions.

At $18.50 a pack, these are a really affordable way to not only decorate your bike or bag but to ride safe.

Thanks Tonky Designs for the free packs.

Find out more at:

Also, here is a video:

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