Video Friday, 2/17/12

Video Friday, here we go:

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The skinny: So this is the second week in a row I got to go out filming with the LDG Fixed Freestyle team but this week we brought Joe McKeag along for the fun. This video is also the first time Jakob Santos rides 26’s !! Yes I said it ! … JAKOB SANTOS on 26’s !!


Then over to

Baum Cycles Mini Doc
skinny: From Prolly (who is currently on vacation in the land down under)While we wait on my Shop Visit photos to Baum Cycles here is this little mini doc to give you the background on this superb bicycle framebuilder out of Australia. I was damn impressed with their bikes and operations at Baum. Expect to see them wow the world at NAHBS this year.


And this one:
2 Wheelers Magazine
seen on Prolly
skinny: a new magazine for all things two wheels, scooters, bikes, motorcycles. Check out their tumblr:

Nr 01 from 2 Wheelers Magazine on Vimeo.

Checking out their site, led me to this video:

Jordan Hufnagel: Custom Bike Builder
skinny:I made this short piece on custom bike builder Jordan Hufnagel for Level Mag. Jordan’s shop is in Portland, Oregon, and he makes everything from Track to Cyclocross bikes, along with pretty much anything in between. I’ve been shooting studio photos of a lot of Jordan’s bikes for the last few months, and this is an extension of that.


Good dose of freestyle fixed gear from Prolly’s amazing site:
Phillip Williams-Hibernation

Phillip Williams – Hibernation from Sam Clark on Vimeo.

West Fixed: Pedro Oliveira
the skinny: a new rider from WestFixed, showing off some moves.


Then I caught this one from their site:


†The Portuguese Connection† from †ZONTRAC† on Vimeo.

Tree Summer 2011, Derek Nelson
skinny:In early 2011 we had the team go out with their friends and whatever video camera they could find to put together this simple DVD. This is the intro and Derek’s section. Derek doesn’t ride like anyone else. Enjoy


And this gem about riding in Japan’s major city of Tokyo.

84kick Ride Tokyo
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Ok all you freestyle fixed gear tricksters, try ripping it up on this classic:

Vintage Ladies bike trix
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skinny: alright all you fixed gear tricksters, try getting busy on a ladies vintage bike.

BMX from the Bikejerks in MPLS.

Drew Bezanson Returns
by: Justen Soule
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The skinny: Drew Bezanson is back! Shot at Joyride 150 Bike Park.

Drew Bezanson Returns from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

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by: Plutonium Paint
the skinny: NYC based Artist, Ryan Humphrey shows us how to properly do a 3 color fade on BMX handle bars with Plutonium.

Here is a great portrait of a Seattle bike messenger and CMWC winner.

Craig Etheridge
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skinny: A video portrait of Seattle based bicycling champion Craig Etheridge.


Cool products,

I got this one from the creator of a great new tool for changing a tube. Check out, Jim Walls-Cobra tire tool.

Zutterhauheighneten Strasse
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skinny: a POV helmet cam bike and skate trip of Northern California’s San Francisco area.

Washington DC tweed ride 2011
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skinny: by Tim Sesslerby/Tim Sessler. The Washington, DC Tweed Ride presented by Dandies and Quaintrelles
and Bicycle Space DC


Good People In Cycling, Episode II – Jack The Bike Man
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skinny: For Episode II of our “Good People In Cycling” series, we visit Jack The Bike Man, a most unique individual with an inspirational story for us all.
What started as a simple mechanical fix morphed into something that has changed his life and those of countless others.
For more information about Jack The Bike Man, visit:


And last up, I got an email about this one:

Thomas Porter whacky bikes mini doc.
skinny: Brooklyn resident William Thomas Porter builds wonderful – and really weird – bikes. “I wouldn’t call them mutants,” he says of his bike caricatures, “because that would make them sound ugly. It’s more like creating this… new splendid form.” We followed him around for a about a year documenting his projects and cajoling him into demonstrating the bikes’ awesomeness in a series of humorous, fast-paced vignettes.
Throughout the short Tom chats with good friend (and sometimes collaborator), Diego Guzman, about how and exactly why he does what he does.


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