Bicycle’s famous Habitat

The celebrity chic relationship of Hollywood and bicycles goes far beyond an occasional sighting of a famous person riding through New York City. There’s been a long history of bicycles being advocated by the famous set.

Here is a recent New York Times article that looks at how one bike shop on Lafayette Street in Manhattan has been a hub for celebrities even though it’s founder couldn’t tell a B list actor from a Lady Gaga.

Where the Famous Shop, Cycling is the Cause Célèbre
By: Christine Haughney
Published: March 21st, 2012

20120322-160719.jpgPhoto caption: Charlie McCorkell, a founder and the owner of Bicycle Habitat, is teased for his obliviousness to stars. “I’m sort of face blind,” he said.Photo by: Andrew Burton

On any given day, you might see Jake Gyllenhaal. Or Matthew Broderick or David Byrne. David Beckham has been said to swing by, just for some much-needed air.

This particular celebrity haunt is not some chic restaurant or new-age health spa in New York; it is, of all places, a bicycle shop in SoHo, where John Mayer bought a Langster, and David Lee Roth got his red Bianchi repaired.

But unlike some other celebrity haunts, fame has few privileges at the shop, Bicycle Habitat. Its owner, Charlie McCorkell, would not know Lady Gaga if she wrapped a tire rim around his neck. (Actually, Lady Gaga has been to the store, and true to form, Mr. McCorkell did not know who she was — even though she was dressed in little more than spike heels and a tissue-thin leotard.)

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