Bike lame duck, cyclist sues.

Cyclist sues for false bike lanning.
Bicyclist sues over New York bike lane law after he’s ticketed for leaving lane to turn
Evan Neumann is suing the state DMV after getting socked with ticket on Lower East Side

By: Barbara Ross
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
20120306-145251.jpg(photo caption; Bicyclist pedals through lane of traffic on Lafayette St. near Duane St. this afternoon, not using the designated bike lane. Photo by: Marc A. Hermann)

A Manhattan bicyclist is suing the state Department of Motor Vehicles, arguing a bike-lane law doesn’t make a lot of street sense in New York City.
Evan Neumann, 31, claims cops cited him in the lower East Side last February for violating state law by leaving a bike lane to make a right turn.
“I was pretty shocked when the officer told me why I had been pulled over. I didn’t think I had done anything wrong,” Neumann said in an email to the Daily News Monday.

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