Bikeportland: Story on Women riding the Tour De France route

Happy International Women’s Day!

In honor, here is a story from about a group of women cyclists (3 from Portland, Oregon) taking on the challenge of riding the same course of this years Tour de France.

Three Portland Women to tackle Tour De France Route
By: Jonathan Maus
March 6th, 2012


The Tour de France is the ultimate stage in all of pro cycling; but it’s a stage where only men stand.

What would happen if a team of women with regular jobs and just a little racing experience upstaged the men and rode the exact same route a day before them (all 3,479 kilometers/2,162 miles of it)? This summer we’ll found out.

“To be honest, I think that this is an interesting challenge regardless of gender and I think that’s what makes it powerful. If we continue and drive the ongoing national discussion about women on bikes (and I expect we will) by providing one more point of visibility and a story that is compelling, all the better.”
— Heidi Swift

In July, a team of six women — including three from Portland — will attempt an epic challenge that will pit them against the legendary mountain passes that make up the world’s most famous bike race. Rêve, a company that specializes in taking “teams” of riders on the exact same route of the Tour the pros ride, is behind the event. They’ve partnered with the pro cycling lifestyle and culture publication, peleton magazine (it’s always lowercase they tell me) and the ride will benefit national advocacy organization, Bikes Belong

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