BTB sunglasses giveaway

Wanna look this cool for summer?


Hey it’s giveaway time here again. Just in time for warmer weather. This time it’s sunglasses courtesy of BTB sunglasses.

We’re giving away a pair of the BTB200 model.


BTB is a new brand of sunglasses started in part to fund their charity, the BTB Foundation. The mission of their foundation is to assist in the fight against childhood obesity.

You can get more info: here. A portion of every sale on the BTB Sunglasses website goes towards this cause.

BTB makes precession crafted lenses that are complete UVA & UVB protection.

Sporty models for Running and Golf and of course cycling.

These shades are durable. In fact, there bulletproof.

Visit them on twitter: @btbsunglasses.

Speaking of shades…

Ok the first person to give me the last name of this guy:

And the three years he won the Tour de France in the general classification, wins.

Send to my twitter feed. Good luck!

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