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After a hard day of make believe (working on the set of CBS’s Unforgettable) that last thing I want to deal with is the reality of having a flat tire for my bike commute home. Thanks to Jim Walls and his simple yet effective invention, the routine tire change has become even easier.

Introducing the Cobra Tire Tool.

This is a super light (.5 oz), indestructible tool designed as a better answer to your average tire lever.
So you got your flat tire, like I did tonight.

Insert the curved lever part in between the tire and the rim. The tool is guaranteed for life and won’t damage your rim, tire or super custom paint job you did with a rattle can last week.

Now flip this bad boy over…(with your bicycle turned over on it’s saddle, wheels up)

The other end is an inventive hook which locks onto your front fork and as you spin the tire, it separates the tire from the rim, thus using the force of the turning wheel. You will have to finagle the cobra tool between the front brake, but after, it makes tire removal a snap, regardless of how tight it is.

Here is a video with a little more visual explanation:

Creator, Jim Walls has over 20 years experience in the commercial tire industry and wanted to create something to deal with the frustration he was seeing friends and co-workers use to change a tire. A lifelong resident of Bloomington, Indiana (home of the little 500 bicycle race–remember Breaking Away?) Jim has come up with a nice product and reinvented the wheel, well the wheel removal, well tire removal.

Jim was super kind to send me one of these and it’s now a permanent fixture in my tool pouch.

Find out more at

Jim also wants me to hand out a couple of these, so I’m going to giveaway two of them on twitter. The first two readers who can tell me why they’d like these, will have them.

check in with @cobratiretool

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