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New eco-friendly saddle:

Becoz: the environmentally friendly saddle

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Cycling is good for you and is good for our planet too. Now so is the saddle you ride. Selle Royal has combined its technology with ecological awareness to create Becoz – a new range of environmentally friendly saddles. Selle Royal has always followed a maximum sustainability approach to saddle making and the Becoz range has a significantly lower impact on the environment than traditional saddles.
Selle Royal has examined every aspect of its production process and wherever possible it has replaced fossil-based materials with renewable, sustainable resources. Selle Royal has always campaigned for cycling. The latest battle is to help the environment: Less fossil, more green.

Many cyclists sit and suffer in silence when they ride their bike, perhaps using a hard and narrow racing saddle even as they commuting or enjoying leisure ride with family and friends. Now every cyclist can choose a saddle that suits their style of cycling.
Thanks to the use of Corkgel, the Becoz range of saddles offers a comfortable alternative, with four different models for men and women, suited for every type of riding.
When it comes to cycling comfortably and being environmentally friendly: Becoz is the answer.

Environmentally friendly
Selle Royal has decided to take an active approach to improving the ecology of saddle making. It examined every aspect of the production process and wherever possible it has replaced fossil-based materials with renewable, sustainable resources.
The creation of the Becoz saddle is the start of a strategy to use more and more bio-sourced materials and less and less fossil fuels. Selle Royal’s ultimate goal is to produce a 100% ecological saddle that offers great comfort and is of the highest possible quality.
Selle Royal has invested in research and development to find the most eco-friendly materials for the Becoz saddle.
Becoz stands out from the crowd because of the use of CORKGEL – Selle Royal’s innovative saddle covering that combines a bio-sourced polyurethane gel and natural cork, giving the saddle extra comfort and its distinctive natural brown look. The elastomer of the saddle covering is also made of vegetable palm oil.
Using natural oil-based polypols produces a smaller environmental footprint. The results of a preliminary lifecycle analysis by Five Winds International, indicate that polyols from renewable source result in 36% less global warming emissions and a 23% reduction in total energy demand.
Whoever decides to use a Selle Royal Becoz saddle will be making a conscious decision to help the environment.

Selle Royal is doing as much as it can. The packaging for the Becoz saddle is made from recycled cardboard, while both the floor display and the table display for the Becoz range are made from recycled wood.

The Becoz saddle comes in four models for both men and women, to match for different riding styles: Sport, Athletic, Moderate and Relaxed.


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